CAD/ PDF to 3D model conversions

3D Modeling Architecture There is an increasing demand for 3D modelling as it becomes easier to give a detailed vision of the project. Our team of BIM modelers consists of people who are very well experienced in working with all kinds of drawing mediums and convert CAD/PDF into accurate 3D BIM models. We create far-reaching BIM models that are completely in detail which helps our clients.  The team is skilled in delivering the construction documents as per the standards with high-quality structure documentation. Our team have a vast experience in working on projects with LID up to 450 and as built models.

Clash Detection

A clash can be of two types, namely, Soft clash and hard clash. Soft clashes are the clearings and it occurs when any object meddles into geometric limits set for other objects. The hard clash occurs when there is overlapping of physical elements.  The clash detection then find the clash and detect it. It is one of the most important part in any construction process.

As it classifies the clashes and the team assures that this detection is detected in the early design stages. The team uses the latest model checking software to fix the interfaces as early as possible. This helps in reducing the time and the cost of the project.

Rebar-Modelling Architecture and Bar Bending Schedules

Bar Bending Schedule or ‘BBS’ is a way to organize rebars and extract the reinforcement quantities required for Reinforced structural components. It includes the information on location, bar marks, diameter or shape and the bending details.

We have worked on various Reinforcement and Structural detailing projects. We have years of experience in various projects including timber buildings, residential buildings, commercial buildings, hospitality buildings and steel structure other structural details.

Asset Modelling Architecture (Revit-Family Creation)

Every architecture design needs 3D objects like doors, windows, walls, floors etc. Rather than creating these objects every time while working on a project, it’s always better to create a group of common objects that can be inserted whenever needed during the process. This is also known as Revit Family Creations. We understand the time constraints of our clients, therefore, we use efficient Revit families which complements the Revit projects. This helps us in completing the project in less time, with more precision.

Documentations including shop drawings, fabrication drawings

Kaanvi offers specific and regulated documents and drawings which are also cost-efficient. We have completed several simple and complex documentation for commercial buildings, residential structures, and industrial structures. We use the advanced technology of computer-aided drafting and BIM modelling to obtain different types of drawings ranging from the design stage till the final drawings that are good for construction. This also helps all the parties to share the data which is beneficial for the accuracy and quality of the documentations.

Preparing estimations and B.O.Q

B.O.Q (Bill of quantities) is a very important communication key between the parties as it has all the pricings and quantity transparently laid out to provide a fair and accurate system for presenting. We provide all kinds of estimates that is required for the project, for example preliminary, detailed, rough cost, revised or supplementary estimates.
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