4 main styles in wedding photography.

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Is wedding photography a vast field?

Wedding Photography
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Well! Yes, it is! Wedding photography is not a new concept. Sometimes we still pick up old photo albums of our parents or maybe our grandparents to see their snapshots of the wedding.

Don’t we all enjoy looking at them!!! We are able to connect ourselves through these photographs even though we were not anywhere there.

Then, it was simple wedding photographs. The bridal couples were asked to give different postures and so many props used to be there around them to use. Presetting the background and decoration of the room used to take a lot of time.

Now we have many different styles of photography

Artistic Photography/Fine art wedding photography

This day is really special for the couple. In Artistic photography, the photographer clicks the photos not in the random form but in a form of connecting story. The whole wedding event is captured in a fairy tale or story-like. Very detailed photography is required for this.

Candid wedding photography

Like the word itself… this photo is taken candidly, from far without intervening with the subjects. This helps the photographer to click the pics in the natural form without any poses.

Dramatic Wedding Photography.

This is a dramatized photography using dark colors and different moods of lighting. This photo shows different emotions through the pictures.

Drone Wedding photography

Among all styles, I feel this is the most challenging style of photography. It is taken from an aerial view and from quite a distance, hence it’s difficult than taking the pics from near. But the beauty of this style is that we can choose beautiful locations, vast backgrounds. It captures the entire mood and beauty of the location since it’s taken from far.

I have not covered all the styles but these are few which really inspires.


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