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As we all know, the 5 best 3D product animation is getting very popular day by day. Now the question arises what are different software that is used by the animators to model and animate the product.

Here are some of 5 best 3D animation software:

3D Product Animation Software
3D Product Animation Software

1. Adobe After Effects

It is a very in-demand software, which is used by animators for VFX, 3D, and motion graphics. This software has the tools which can design simple heading to full graphic composition.

2. Mari Software

Mari is a 3D painting software that has innumerable tools and textures. It can handle the most complicated project or product very effectively as it has an artist-friendly paint tool. this helps the animator to go beyond the limits of creativity.

3. Blender Software

Blender is a boon for studios, freelancers for small-scale work. As it is free software so it is used by many artists. Even Though it is available for free it is very beneficial and user-friendly. It has many tools which can be learned easily. 

4. Lightwave Software

This is also easily available software that can be used for entry-level modeling. as it is easy to use and one of the best features it has is its separate platform for rendering and animation.

5. Houdini Software

Houdini is a 3D animation and special effects application designed for animators who work in 3D animated projects and VFX. it has all the tools that we need in a major 3D software. It’s a complete package.

These are just 5 best 3d product animation software main but it has a long list and many options.

whatever software we use, it is important to keep ourselves updated.


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