Today we will discuss the best rendering engine for product animation but First of all, we will know, what is product rendering? In simple words, product rendering is a process of creating a visual of a real product.

Where is it used?

These imagery products are used for marketing by the companies. One can also say, it is similar to product photography, rather than using a camera, setting up lights and backgrounds it is done in a hassle-free way on the PC using some specific software.

Every designer has his favorites while working on product rendering. It’s great to become an expert in one or more software but one needs to keep experimenting and update yourself on regular basis for new tools.

Autocad software for product animation

AutoCAD from Autodesk is one of the oldest and standard software for 3D-related work. It is still a favorite of many as it has such a vast range of applications and tools. It is also easy to learn and use for product animation.

Then we have Blender. It is known as Jack of all trades. Why? Because it can be used in modeling, designing, animating, and many more. We can render and edit particles or smoke as well. It is much easier to use than the other available software.

Lumion another software that is liked by many designers because of its compatibility with 3DX max, Revit, SketchUp, ArchiCAD. It has a huge library of materials. It also has accomplished in creating the beautiful outcome of rendering than others.

Rhinoceros is an excellent software for mechanical designs. It is compatible with lots of plugins and file formats.

So now we know we have so many options to make rendering creative and fast. The more common software is the better technical support we will get.