How Do I Find Best Outdoor Photography Location?

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A very common reason to worry about among the photographers especially those who are keener on taking outdoor photography locations. Most of the time it’s really thought-provoking to see how the other photographers can find and get such astonishing landscapes or outdoor photography backgrounds. The world is full of picturesque land and nature. But getting a perfect backdrop is a big task. So here is the list of tools that can help find the locations favorable for good outdoor shoots.

Outdoor Photography Location Image
Outdoor Photography Location

Google Earth : 

With Google Earth, it becomes easier to find out the details of the landscapes along with the location. Details like the time of sunrise and sunset can also be seen from here. It becomes easier for the photographer to plan the shoot accordingly.

Google Earth has the data of the end number of locations to select from. The first step is to select the location. Then with the help of the red arrow move along the landscape for the desired view. From the navigation panel on the right one can change the angle view, move positions, or zoom in and out to see the exact location where the photography will be taken. Google Earth will not display natural features perfectly so this should be kept in mind while browsing. With the help of the time slider one can determine the sunlight, how will it fall on the landscape and what kind of shadow will it have. This knowledge always works excellent for planning a photoshoot.

Shot Hotspot

ShotHotspot is a beneficial search engine for locating fabulous spots to take photos. Enter the location that one has decided, in the search will lead to the spots which are famous for taking photos and a map with the locations which are popular among the photographers will come up along with their ratings and photos. One can also specify the kind of location one is looking for like abandoned buildings, architectural buildings, etc.


PIXEO is an iPhone app that provides a map of famous photography sites. The locations are based on data and photos tendered by users. Since each location updated by the users and the photographers are examined by the PIXEO staff one can be assured that the photos are non-repetitive and mislabeled.


Instagram is also a very useful tool for searching locations anywhere, either near or far. Just have to type the street name or address in the search bar and a number of options with the pics will pop up in the front. After clicking on the options one can then find out the latest photo or also old ones. The choices are endless.

Instagram is very famous among people. So they keep on posting all the latest pics, sometimes while browsing such photos one can find the events or functions happening around which we don’t know about. These photos can give ideas and locations which are trending or maybe worth taking pictures of.


This one works wonders as the local photographers have visited the places and shot at various locations and they will give the information accurately according to the photography point of view. Sometimes they might share their own photographs and which can help in selecting the locations. It will be given and take the information. Sharing one another’s favorite locations.

Last but not least, of course, it’s always the best option to explore locations to click nearby is to walk or drive down and start exploring on your own.

Take out time to wander in different directions exploring buildings streets cafes people on the way.

Sometimes going to the regular destination as one goes every day can take a new and different route, could be longer, to find options.

Instead of driving sometimes walking in the good weather can help in finding new locations for outdoor photography. Driving doesn’t allow us to explore, walking does!

Finding the desired location for photography can be fun, confusing, or sometimes quite frustrating at moments. It’s very important to go ahead with it with uttermost patience and an open mind. Sometimes we bump into a location that we have not thought about in our minds but if gone with an open frame of mind then a lot of beautiful and locations worth clicking can come up. 

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