How do I start my own photography business?

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How do I start my own photography business?

photography business image
Photography Business Image

Start your own photography business? Starting with a sincere doubt – Is photography a good career? The answer is simple. Yes! Photography is a good career, but a good career in photography depends on the photographer’s skills, hard work, and creativity. It’s quite challenging. There are several options to choose from and create your photography career. From a portrait to a commercial photographer and even as a freelance photographer. To start a business, one needs both talent and skill for marketing. Marketing yourself is very important.

Here are the steps to be followed to start a photography business

Prepare business plan

The very first stage of starting the business is to organize the ideas on paper. This will serve as a roadmap, outlining the business needs and the profitability. Creating a business plan feels like a tedious task, but there are many helpful tools available on the internet which can help in collecting the thoughts and creating a successful business plan, including the planning of start-up costs.

Startup Costs

One needs to start with the minimum quality of equipment as higher Quality of photography equipment is notably costly. Initially, the business will take time to gain profits, so buying expensive gadgets will not be good. 

According to professional photographers, it is wise to start with a small set-up. Once the business starts growing then gradually higher quality equipment can be bought.

Basic things that are required are:-

Good Camera







Editing software

Domain name

Online portfolio

Business cards

Hard drives

Business license


And of course! Client’s contacts

Create Brand

One needs to create own brand. Specializing in something unique or having your style will attract clients. Needs to establish oneself apart from others is an important factor.

Pricing the job

Setting a price is quite difficult as it needs to determine the value of the work. Research the market to get the idea of the basic prices that are set up by others. Do not set the prices too low that the business goes for a loss. While setting up the cost, always remember that three hours of editing follow it for every hour spent on shooting. This is an important factor for pricing. Apart from that the travel time, preparation time, insurance, gear, accounting services, etc., the value of all these should also be included in the final cost.

Managing clients and their expectations  

Managing the clients’ requirements is an important factor. The customers should know the brand and type of photography you are dealing in. Photos for weddings or family functions should be organized a few days before the date to set up the environment or get the backdrops if needed. For baby showers or baby photos, the customers should be told what kind of clothes and accessories to bring.

For payments, always set up the limitations. How much discount can be given? If an advance payment option is available, how much advance should be paid minimum and how much can one leave?  

Gaining Experience

Before startup, it is always better to gain some experience while working with a professional photographer. It helps in creating the business plan and one gets to know the ups and downs of the business making it easier to decide how to go ahead with the plan.

Create an attractive website

After finalizing the domain name for the photography business, one needs a website to reach out to more people. The website will showcase the work which should be on the priority list as the clients will choose according to the work posted. Keep the site organized. Incorporate a picture of yourself and a page that describes the background and experience. It helps the clients to know better and can relate more easily. Contact information is also a must. Attaching the website with various social media platforms will help in reaching out to people on a bigger scale. Connecting with more people will become easier also one can promote the work to the larger group and with very less time taken. Apart from this clicking for free for family and friends will help in boosting the business as it can be spread by the word of mouth.

The main concern comes in deciding which photography business to choose from. 

Wedding Photography

Every wedding hires a professional photographer to capture their most memorable day to cherish later.

Wedding photography is great. The importance is given to capture candid photos of the family and friends. One has to be fast and creative for wedding photoshoots also have to be prepared to shoot outdoors irrespective of the weather conditions. Sometimes have to adjust in dim lighted indoors for receptions and dances. Highly creative and lots of preparation is needed for this photography.

 Portrait photography

The most common types of photography can be considered as a start-up business. This photography has a huge amount of options for example maternity and newborns, general family photos. To give a professional-looking pic for a company website or platform portrait photography is highly in demand. Most commonly, aspiring models and actors need portrait photographers regularly for updated portfolios.

 Creating a comprehensive portfolio of good-quality photos can help in getting more business.

Product photography

With the increase in demand for online shopping, the obvious need is to set up a website with the photo of the product one needs to sell. Also for launching a product in the market one needs product photography. It can be taken in the studio or the area required by the client. It’s also one of the growing photography businesses.

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is very glamorous and very difficult to mark the name of the new photography business. Fashion photographers are very much in demand from cover shoots of the fashion magazines to illustrating the latest styles and trends on the runway. 

The look of the photographs is the most important factor in this field. One has to be perfect in lighting, posing, and backdrops. The whole team works together with the photographer from the makeup artist to the dress designer. One has to work within the team.

Architectural photography

 Working for the architectural agencies, this photography clicks the buildings. Details taken in the photographs include the exteriors and interiors. Architectural photography demands some appropriate procedures and tools to reduce distortion and perspective difficulties. Dealers constantly need excellent photographs, especially in today’s market where people prefer viewing the properties online before going out to see them. Since the photos should be clear and perfect the realtors hire photographers on a contract basis to do the job.

Travel Photography

This is the most fun type of photography. One gets to travel and have fun along with taking photographs and earning as well. Wildlife photography can be included in this. The job of the photographer is to make people enjoy all tourist places from their drawing rooms without stepping out. This is also very lucrative and can be glamorous.

Just named a few from the ocean of options. Initially one can try different types of photography and after practice can decide to focus on one kind and give the best.


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