Kaanvi is a brainchild of Gurgaon-based Animator Shailender Singh. He established the company in 2012. He started his career as an animator in Mumbai, while in a job he developed a love for photography as well as animating objects and giving them final touches after rendering. His passion led him to create Kaanvi.

Kaanvi deals with BIM architecture, Rendering< photography, Product animation, MEP & HVAC services, reverse engineering STL files, and much more.

The company was started as a 3d rendering company, product animation, and photography. Gradually with the increase in the number of years, Kaanvi spread its wings in Engineering and architecture as well. From working for one or two clients now the company proudly shares working with many well-known brands like Kohler, Roca, Delta, Brizo, and Grohe to name a few.

The team working in Kaanvi are all very well trained and are highly professionals striving to work hard and give the best results. The team is very efficient in understanding the requirements and designs of the clients open to discussions and changes. Delivering the finished project on the given date is an important policy of Kaanvi. Started with 5-6 employees in 2012, now kaanvi consists of 30-40 employees spreading nationally as well as internationally.

The software and tools used while working are all latest and as per the market trends. The latest software and techniques are on the constant lookout for Kaanvi.

Every day brings new learnings. Kaanvi aims to learn new specialties, stay up with the new developments and imbibe new technologies which will help in creating and delivering the project faster. The team is always looking for new challenges and projects.

We have come a long way and dream of going up further. It’s the hard work and teamwork which has built trust in our clients who will continue trusting us and working with us

High-Quality Photography


Product photography is a vital part of advertising for catalogs, brochures, print and online ads, etc when selling products direct to buyers. Our team consists of professionals with a critical eye for color, light, and other artistic aspects, we aim to create visually appealing photographs that will leave a great impression

2d/3d Animation

Kaanvi provides photorealistic product 3D animations and product rendering. While live-action is great but it has certain limitations such as what can be captured, need proper lighting, etc. hence we have 3D animation where creativity has no limits. creativity has no limits.

3D Rendering

Interior design rendering helps the viewers to visualize the inside of the projects. It gives a clear picture and understanding of the design, the layouts, and the virtual finished project, which can further help in the quick decision for approval. We make sure that our client gets the best quality rendering.