Commercial and residential constructions are a considerable part of the construction industry. Apart from their uses, there are many differences between the two projects. Some noticeable differences are the infrastructure and building techniques required, building materials, and completion of the project.

Residential construction is referred to the housing projects like apartments, flats, and bungalows, while commercial construction applies to industrial structures, warehouses, and business locations. Most of the commercial properties are not customized. They are built the same as other local commercial properties. As it is risky to try and customize the building which can usually be a high rise. With residential properties, the owners and designers have a huge area of creativity as to how the house should turn out to be.

These certain differences are very important to recognize before initiating any project designs. The new and developed software is available to help realize the setbacks before it occurs. The correct tools help in planning, organizing, and managing the designs the implementation also the team’s work, from start to finish. Good project management software also acts as a collaboration tool. Good coordination of the team tasks so everyone knows what each one is doing. Share feedback, files, and status updates. Plus, get a complete view of work so teams tackle the right tasks at the right time. Organizing projects is difficult to work on. Even harder if proper software is not used. That’s when things fall through the cracks. We, at Kaanvi, work across most sectors from building mid-rise and high-rise residential developments, and commercial buildings, to infrastructure complicated industrial establishments. Our ability to provide value engineering and great solutions as well as the team providing services makes us different.

We have an integrated team of experts who are willing to give the best outcome using the latest software available. Our experience in the field makes us extraordinary and stand out from the league.