Scan-to-BIM services are booming in the Architectural, engineering and construction industries. It is largely used to optimize the BIM process and acquire great developments.

Some of major benefits of Scan to BIM includes removal of human error on a great scale from standard documentation processes. Data can be organized in a shorter period of time comparatively. One can share the information with the team faster. Teams don’t have to visit the site frequently they can visit the site once to collect data.

Scan to BIM services is accurate process for developing classic BIM models from the project. It uses 3D laser scanning technology to capture an accurate 3D scan of the real world conditions on a project Point cloud is imported into Autodesk Revit Point cloud to BIM services helps in elaborating and renovating the residential, commercial, and infrastructural.

The main advantage is its capacity to study the distinctions between point cloud and model geometry. The scan data is imported into a 3D Model to construct the design with real-world circumstances.

Kaanvi is a renowned and notable BIM service provider all around the world. Our Scan to BIM modelling team has experience in creating the best results for the customers for design verification/planning/comparison, MEP. We have successfully completed numerous projects over the time for our clients globally as per their project requirements with dependable results and speedy turnaround time.

We provide our Scan to BIM services or Point Cloud Modeling services to Laser Scanning Companies, Surveyors, Property Owners, Architectural Design Firms, MEP Engineering Companies, Contractors, or Construction Management companies.

Our experience includes developing 3D BIM and 2D CAD models capturing architectural, structural, and MEP elements for various architectural residential and commercial projects.