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Simple Guide of 3D Rendering And Modeling.

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3D Rendering and Modeling

3D Rendering is a computer aided graphics method that uses three-dimensional models and designs. The goal of this is to produce a simulated or non-photo realistic image. 3D models are a digital catalogs of an object designed using 3D software.

3D rendering is also a form of virtual photography.3D modeling is easy to learn with enough time, but it takes a lot of practice to excel it. It requires knowledge and techniques of modeling software, scripting, some calculations, and of course creative art.

One can be easily get started in 3D modeling through online coaching for a special software or via extensive modeling tutorials.

3D real-time rendering produces and interprets concepts using graphics software, usually to creating motions from 20 to 120 frames per second. 3D post-processing rendering is done on a 3D render once the project reaches its final stage of being satisfactory to the artist.

Post-processing mending of small errors or adding details for realism, can be done using editing software.

Here are the pre rendering steps for a 3d render project-

Pre-Rendering Steps

Before rendering begins, consider these three steps, which are separate and are foundations steps to begin the process:


Before starting any project it’s advisable to take an initial discussion to understand the goals of the project: what is the company about, what kind of market is it targeting, how should be the appearance of the product and finally what and where the uses of the image or product are.

Based on all these topics it becomes clearer to determine what kind of output is desired. The client or creative director then approves the vision.

Analysis and Design:

When the clear image of the product is installed in mind one can further progress with analyzing the project. Discussion on the color, texture type, camera angles and lighting are then incorporated.


3D modeling produces a 3D digital representation of a surface or object. With the help of the software, the artist forms features in virtual pace to form a web.

These collection of web or vertices are converted into an object or a product. Sometimes the clients require the outcome with special effects or animated.

Mentioned below are detailed steps done for 3D rendering.

After modelling, the artist starts working to bring the vision to life.Modelling is only a greycoloured object but to bring it to life one needs to add textures or materials like clear plastic, opaque plastic, wood, or stainless steel that either has a shiny or matte finish.

Then comes the part where one needs to bring in the lighting to add dimensions. This stage is helps to make the object look real.

Then comes the part where one has to decide the camera angle or camera movement.one can put a camera above, below, and facing.


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