What is photography?

What exactly is photography? It’s a vast field, some consider it to be a skill, expertise while others think of it as an art.

We take photos on regular basis, the most common equipment used in our cell phones as it is taken everywhere. We click selfies, group photos, and landscape photos almost daily, that is also photography.

But the difference comes when we have a skilled photographer who is trained and experienced to click the best in you. His visualization, creativity, and high-end camera make a vast difference.

Photography is mainly an art. A good photographer can enhance the scenario and make it more beautiful and can also bring out the mood of the subject.

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There are mainly seven types of photography

  1. Portrait

This is one of the most common kinds of photography. It captures the individuals or group of people. The main areas to focus on while taking the picture are eyes and face. It captures close-ups or full body. Some examples are family portraits, baby showers, engagement/marriage portraits, and other important events we want to cherish.

  1. Photojournalism

This photography captures the events which are remarkable example photos that we see in newspapers and magazines.

  1. Fashion

We can understand by the title that this is mainly done in the fashion area encasing the latest trends by capturing clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. The photographs are taken during fashion shows or fashion studios.

  1. Sports

As the name suggests, this is taken mainly during sports events and photographers capture the drama, moments during the games. That is why long, heavy lenses cameras are used to zoom the action from far.

  1. Still life

This photography is done with inanimate objects. We see various catalogs of different stores where the pictures of various objects are clicked. This is basically used for advertising purposes. E.g. Billboards, catalogs, etc. the subjects are mainly objects that are immovable.

  1. Editorial

Editorial photography is used to illustrate articles or stories. The photos are closely related to the topic of the articles or write-up. That is why the photographers have to work closely with the writers or magazine/newspaper owners so that the photographs are used correctly

  1. Architectural

Sometimes we see photographs that display the architectures of buildings, interiors, or heritage sites showing intricate details of the buildings making them more stable. These photos are used by leasing companies, designers, historians, or building investors. It is quite challenging as the photographers have to work with the natural lights

These are some of the strong foundations of a photography career. These are just the brush-ups of the vast field of photography.