What Is Street Photography? (A Simple Way To Understand)

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Street Photography

Street Photography
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We might have heard the term Street photography quite often, but what street photography is really!!!! Well! We can say that street photography is the photos taken candidly.

Most of the time the subjects are not aware that they are being clicked.

It is considered to be one of the most difficult forms of photography. As we all know photography requires some major skills but street photography goes some more steps further as it needs some extra abilities because we are shooting outside in the open.

So we have to be more comfortable with lightings. Since it’s not legal to take pictures of people in most places. We need to ask them and convince them as well so we need to have convincing power as well.

It’s vast as the options are unlimited. Every day we walk on the road we capture so many things with our eyes similarly the photographers capture them with their lenses.

It is very interesting for the photographer as well as the viewers because we feel connected and become a part of it.

It requires a good camera and a quick mind to decide which is an interesting subject to click on or location. One needs sound knowledge of lighting in the area you want to shoot.

Many street photographers have shared the problems they faced while shooting. Many faced hostility from the people, while some even got threats of calling the police, and some had to run away before they could be beaten.

So loads of negotiating art and convincing people are required along with the knowledge of lighting and quick decision making.

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