What is the difference between Landscape and Nature Photography

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If you want to know landscape vs nature then you came to the right place, Photography is a vast subject. There are so many different kinds of photographs for example landscape, nature, fashion, portrait, etc.

landscape vs nature photography
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Even though nature photography and landscape photography sound similar, there is a difference between them.

Landscape photography is usually taken during daylight mainly featuring land, sky, and waters, at a distance. Sometimes artificial scenery like farm fields, orchards, gardens, and architecture are also considered landscape photography. Man-made structures like buildings, roads, and bridges, etc. are also included in landscape photography if they are presented in artistic style.

On the other hand, Nature photography is one of the most beautiful modes of photography. Even though it includes landscapes but the main focus is on plants and animals. Since they focus mainly on the animals and their natural habitat it is also called wildlife photography. Nature photography is also used to bring awareness among people by reaching out through photography.

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