First of all, let us find out about BIM. The full form of BIM is Building Information Modelling. It is largely used by architects or engineered-based companies. The plan is designed as a model much before the actual project is completed. Any changes that are done, can be viewed at the same time by the clients. It is useful in case any changes are needed from the client-side can be done immediately.

Which software is needed for BIM?

Amongst the many the most common software are

AutoCAD, Revit, Archicad and Sketchup. While Revit is mainly used for designing complex designs Sketchup can design such projects too but mainly is used in designing interiors. Sketchup is easier to learn and understand. The third software is Autocad it works chiefly in 2D lines while Revit is 3D modeling. Its Library is vast with 3D files. Revit is the most sought-after software for BIM projects.